Summer Courses ***

Summer Courses are Open to the Public and Credits Transfer to other Institutions***

Ancient Near East 10W – Jerusalem, The Holy City (5 units) MW 9:30-11:45
Discussion A / M 1-1:50
Discussion B / W 1-1:50

Ancient Near East M103A – Ancient Egyptian Civilization (4 units)

TR 11:00-1:05 6/21/10-7/30/10

Ancient Near East M130 – Ancient Egyptian Religion (5 units)
MW 1:00-3:15 Discussion 1A / W 3:30-4:20 6/21/10-7/30/10


Language Intensive Courses

Full year of language in 8 or 9 weeks for 15 units

Arabic 8 – Elementary Arabic: Intensive
MTWRF 9:00-1:00 6/20/10-8/19/10


Cost of courses varies depending on units and your affiliation with UCLA, please visit the Summer Session website for more information.

Questions or trouble enrolling? Contact :

Isamara Ramirez: (310) 825-4165 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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