Undergraduate Programs


The department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in five fields: (1) Ancient Near East and Egyptology, (2) Arabic, (3) Iranian Studies, (4) Jewish Studies and (5) Middle Eastern Studies.  In each of these fields students must meet the requisites and take the courses prescribed. Their adviser assists in selecting a plan of study developed around their interests.

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures offers the following undergraduate minors: (1) Ancient Near East and Egyptology, (2) Arabic and Islamic Studies, (3) Armenian Studies, (4) Hebrew and Jewish Studies, (5) Israel Studies, (6) Iranian Studies and (7) Middle Eastern Studies

Students may combine their major with one in another department (double major) or add a minor to enhance their educational opportunities. Due to the number of additional courses required, they are advised to consider this option early in their academic career and in consultation with program advisers in both majors.

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