Graduate Programs

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures offers the Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in the following fields or sub-disciplines: (1) Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, (2) Arabic, (3) Armenian, (4) Hebrew, (5) Iranian, (6), Semitics, and (7) Turkic.

For each option, concentration may be on the linguistic, the literary, or, in the case of Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, the archaeological aspect of the field.

Graduate Program Requirements


For Admissions into our Program:

The deadline for applications is December 15th.

Graduate Admissions FAQ Sheet

ETS Codes for NELC

UCLA: 4837
GRE: 2602*          (*Shows up at Foreign Language but the scores are sent to NELC at UCLA*)

*Please send your exam scores to the codes above.  Sending your exams to a general UCLA code does not guarantee that they will arrive to our department.*

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