Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter


Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology

Office: 384 Humanities
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1511
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Elizabeth F. Carter, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Musa Sabi Term Chair in Iranian Studies, University of California Los Angeles



University of Chicago,   Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations           1971 Ph.D (with honors)



Nippur II: The North Temple and Sounding E. Excavations. D. E. McCown, Richard C. Haines and Robert D. Biggs, assisted by Elizabeth Carter (1978). Oriental Institute Publication 98. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (105 pages plus 77 plates)


Excavations in the Ville Royale at Susa: The Third Millennium B.C. Occupation. Cahiers de la delegation archéologique française en Iran 11, 1980. Paris: Association Paléorient. (135 pages)


Elam: Surveys of Political History and Archaeology. University of California Near Eastern Studies Series 24 (1984) by Elizabeth Carter and Mathew W. Stolper. Pp. 103-277. (174 pages).


Excavations at Tal-e Malyan, Iran: The Middle Elamite Period   University Museum Monograph no. 75, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 1996 (139 pages, 47 figures, 24 plates).


Recent Elamite articles


“Resisting Empire: Elam in the First Millennium B.C. in Settlement and Society:

Essays Dedicated to Robert McCormick Adams, edited by Elizabeth Stone. Los

Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (2007), 139-156.


“Elamite Pottery,” with H. T. Wright in Elamite and Achaemenid settlement on the Deh Luran Plain; towns and villages of the early empires in southwestern Iran. Ed. by Henry T. Wright and James A. Neely. U. of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. 2010. Pp.11-22.


“Landscapes of Death in Susiana during the Last Half of the 2nd Millennium

BC” in Elam and Persia, edited by Mark Garrison and Javier Mons-Alvarez.

Winnona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns. 2011. Pp. 45-58


“Royal Women in Elamite Art.” in press in Extraction and Control: Studies in Honor of Matthew W. Stolper, edited by W.F.M. Henkleman, C.E. Jones, M.Kozuh & C. Woods. Chicago.



Kahramanmaraş and Domuztepe reports


For yearly reports see http://kvmgm.kulturturizm.gov.tr/Genel/BelgeGoster.aspx


"Emergent Complexity on the Kahramanmaraş Plain: The Domuztepe Project 1995-1997 Stuart Campbell and E.Carter, E. Healey, S. Andersen, A. Kennedy and S. Witcher,   American Journal of Archaeology 103/4 (1999), 395-418. http://www.jstor.org/stable/506968


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with Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Amanda Kennedy, and Campbell. Current Anthropology 50/6 (2009), 897-912.


“Whose bones are those? comparative analysis of fragmented human and animal bones in the “Death Pit” at Domuztepe, a Late Neolithic settlement in southeastern Turkey,” with Sarah W. Kansa, S. C. Gauld, S. Campbell, Anthropozoologica 44(1) (2009):159–172.


“The Glyptic of the Middle-Late Halaf Period at Domuztepe, Turkey (ca. 5755-5450 BC).” in Paleórient, vol. 36.1 (2010), 159-177.


“On Human and Animal Sacrifice in the Late Neolithic,” in in Sacred Killing: The Archaeology of Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East, A. Porter and G. Swartz. Winnona Lake Indiana: Eisenbrauns. 2012. Pp. 97-124


Current Research


A study of the Luristan Bronzes. I use these objects to study the interconnections among Elam, Mesopotamia and the Zagros mountains in the Iron Age.


Surveys and Excavations along the Syro-Anatolian Frontier: Vol. I, The Kahramanmaraş Survey. In preparation.