Peter Lanfer




UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Los Angeles, California PhD Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 2004-2010 Dissertation: Remembering Eden: Genesis 3:22-24 in Early Jewish Interpretation

YALE UNIVERSITY DIVINITY SCHOOL New Haven, Connecticut MAR with concentration in Second Temple Jewish Studies     2002-2004

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE                                                       Hanover, New Hampshire

B.A. Religious Studies                                                                               1994-1998




DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Hanover, New Hampshire Lecturer in Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and early Christianity 2011-Present

Recent Courses

  • Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israelite Religion
  • Jewish and Christian Messianism and Apolcalypticism
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins
  •  The History of Jerusale
  •              Courses for Spring 201
  • Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israelite Religion
  •  Recovering the Jewish Jesus


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Los Angeles, California Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and religions of the Ancient Near East 2010-Present

Recent Courses

  •   Origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  •    Jerusalem: the Holy City
  •    The Jewish Context of the Life of Jesus




  •   Remembering Eden: The Reception History of Genesis 3:22-24 (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • Invited lecture for Dartmouth College Religion Department Colloquium Wielding Words: Using the Bible for love, health, and hate. May 2011. Submitted for publication.
  • Invited lecture Gideon in Judges 7-8 for the Waterman Institute at Dartmouth College April 26, 2011.
  • Invited lecture for fall 2013 the appearance and disappearance of the Rephaim from Jewish mythology to be presented at the Society of Biblical Literature national convention in Baltimore, MD
  • Paradise in the Bible and the Pseudepigrapha, in Early Christian Literature and Intertextuality, in T & T Clarks Library of Second Temple Studies (LSTS) and Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity (SSEJC), 2009.
  • Three articles in the New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, Katherine Doob Sakenfeld (ed), Volume 5: S-Z (Abingdon Press), 2009.
  •   "Antilanguage," in the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Literature (Leiden: Brill), 2010
  •   The Temple of Yahu at Elephantine Reconsidered, SBL Pacific Coast Conference 2006 Claremont, CA.
  •  The Use of the Hebrew Bible in Jewish Magical Texts, SBL National Conference 2006 Washington, DC.
  •  Paradise in the Pseudepigrapha, SBL National Conference 2007 San Diego, CA.
  •   Ezekiel in Eden: Recovering the Origins of Biblical Mythmaking, 2010 SBL conference in Atlanta, GA.