Alumni and Friends

altDear Alumni and Friends
Welcome, or welcome back, to our Department! Many exciting changes are taking place in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures that we’d love to share with you. We are happy to announce that we have added a new Middle Eastern Studies major; are in the process of adding an Israel Studies minor; and are refining the Ancient Near East major to Ancient Near East and Egyptology. Our department has partnered with the University to strengthen our core courses under Challenge 45 as well. Iranian and Jewish Studies were refocused to meet these new goals and we have found that our students are happier and more enthusiastic of the areas of study. Additionally, we are happy to announce that we have a wonderful new faculty member, Dr. Asma Sayeed, joining our department. Dr. Sayeed will be teaching Arabic and Islamics courses, helping the department expand its course offerings and topics for students.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and we would be grateful if you could enter or update your contact information so that we can contact you periodically via email with news about what is happening in the “Here and Now” of the Department. This coming year, for example, we are sponsoring or co-sponsoring numerous events in conjuction with UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies, Center for Jewish Studies, and Center of Religion. We would welcome your attendance at all these events that occur weekly...
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