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Robert Mullins, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology

Office: Kinsey Hall 394
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1511
310.333.2580 - phone
310.206.6456 - fax

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel - 2003
in Archaeology
Dissertation: "Beth Shean during the Eighteenth Dynasty: From Canaanite Settlement to Egyptian Garrison"

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA - 1985
in Theology
Honors: Magna cum Laude

Institute of Holy Land Studies, Jerusalem, Israel -1977
Graduate year-abroad
in Historical Geography of Palestine

Southern California College, Costa Mesa, CA - 1975
in Biblical Studies
Areas of Concentration: Anthropology, Ancient Near East and Bible

College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA - 1972
in Forestry and Natural Resources

University of California, Los Angeles: Present
Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology:
Winter 2003 - The Archaeology and Religion of Israel
Spring 2003 - Graduate seminar on State Formation in Palestine during the Iron Age (syllabus)
Fall 2003 - Jerusalem in History and Tradition.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem: 2000 - 1998
Rothberg Overseas School: Archaeology of Israel from prehistoric times through the Ottoman period; included museum visits and field trips.

Jerusalem University College: 2002 - 1987
Adjunct Professor of Archaeology: Field Archaeology; History of Ancient Israel; Physical Geography; Historical Geography; Academic field trip program.

Al-Quds University: 2002 - 2000
Department of History and Archaeology: Lectures in Palestinian archaeology.

University of the Holy Land: 1991 - 1989
Department of Archaeology: Archaeology of Ancient Israel; Biblical Geography; Land, Nature and Society in Biblical Times.

International Center of Bethlehem: 2000 - 1999
Program established after the Oslo Accords to train Palestinian tour guides. Lectures in Archaeology, History and Geography, and a practicum for guiding at National Parks and other archaeological sites.

Centre for Biblical Formation, Ecce Homo: 2002 - 1998
Biannual course in Biblical Geography for local and foreign clergy; included classroom instruction and field trips to sites.

Educational Opportunities, Inc.: 2002 - 1992
Popular evening lectures on archaeology and geography for tourists.

Shoresh Study Programmes: 2001 - 1990
Field trip program for laity and clergy through Christ Church (Anglican), Jerusalem.

St. George's College: 2001 - 1998
Occasional lecturer and tour guide in a number of subjects related to archaeology and the Bible for laity and clergy.

Tel Rehov: 2001 - 1997
Field supervisor of Areas A and B. Project director, A. Mazar

Gaza Regional Project: 2000 - 1999
Ceramicist for British School of Archaeology survey near Tell el-cAjjul.

Tel Beth Shean: 1996 - 1989
Field supervisor of Area R. Project director, A. Mazar.

Masada: 1989
Field supervisor for Building 11. Project directors, E. Netzer and G. Foerster.

Tel Dor: 1986
Field school for Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology. Project director, E. Stern

Tel Lachish: 1977, 1985, 1987
Volunteer in Area S supervised by G. Barkay. Participated in field school for Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology during 1987 season. Project director, D. Ussishkin.

Tel Qasile: 1972
Volunteer. Project director, A. Mazar

Research Assistant - to Professor Amihai Mazar: 2002 - 1989
Responsibilities included detailed analysis of the site stratigraphy; preparation of plans and sections; ceramic analysis and typological classification; final report for Area R.

Academic Program Coordinator, W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem: 2002 - 1997
Assisted the director, Sy Gitin, in organizing and implementing the academic program, including the lecture series, dinners with guest scholars and field trips.

Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellow and Program Coordinator, 2002 - 1997
Dorot Foundation Travel Grant, 2001
United States Information Agency Junior Research Fellow, 1997 - 1996
Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation Scholarship, 1996

American Schools of Oriental Research
Society of Biblical Literature
Israel Exploration Society
Ecumenical Theological Fraternity


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  • Script writer for the video, The Life of Jesus: A Scriptural Journey in the Holy Land. Eden Harmony Productions, Ltd. - 1997

English - native language; Hebrew -speak, read, and write with high proficiency; German -basic reading; Arabic - basic conversation.

Hebrew, Akkadian, Middle Egyptian.


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