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Giorgio Buccellati, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Ancient Near East and History

Office: Fowler A311
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1511
310.825.3760 - phone
310.206.6456 - fax

Ph.D. in Oriental Civilizations, The University of Chicago , 1965.
M.A. in Philosophy, Fordham University , 1961
Doctorate in History,
Catholic University of Milano, 1959

Amorites of the Ur III Period
Cities and Nations of Ancient
Terqa Excavation Reports
Structural Grammar of Babylonian
Mozan Excavation Reports

Archaeological field work in the Khabur region; Computer analysis of Mesopotamian materials; Linguistic analysis of Akkadian and Eblaite; Stratigraphic analysis; Environmental conditions of historical development.

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