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Carol Bakhos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Late Antique Judaism and Jewish Studies

Office: 376 B Humanities
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1511
310.206.1384 - phone
310.206.6456 - fax

Professor Bakhos was awarded a Mellon Grant for the 2006-07 academic year to study Qur'anic scriptural interpretation at Princeton, where she will be a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Studies.

Ph.D., Jewish Theological Seminary, 2000.
MTS, Harvard University, 1992.



  • Judaism in its Hellenistic Context, edited volume. (Leiden: EJ Brill, 2004).

  • Current Trends in the Study of Midrash, edited volume. (Leiden: EJ Brill, 2006)

  • Ishmael on the Border: Rabbinic Portrayals of the First Arab. (New York: SUNY Press, 2006; recipient of Koret Foundation grant)

Articles, Essays, Book Chapter and Entries

  • "Midrash Aggadah," Readerís Guide to Judaism, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2000.

  •  "The Talmud." Forthcoming in World Literature and Its Times 6: Middle Eastern Literatures and Their Times, ed. Joyce Moss (Detroit: Gale Group, 2004).

  • "Tannaitic Depictions of Ishmael." Forthcoming in Proceedings of the Rabbinical Assembly 2003 (New York: Rabbinical Assembly Press, 2006).

  • "Method (ological) Matters in the Study of Midrash." In Current Trends in the Study of Midrash, edited volume. (Leiden: EJ Brill, 2006).

  • "Early Medieval Jewish Interpretation." Forthcoming in History of Biblical Interpretation, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (forthcoming)

  • "Abrahamís Visit to Ishmael in Pirke Rabbi Eliezer: A Revisit," Journal for the Study of Judaism (forthcoming).

  • "Figuring (out) Esau: The Rabbis and Their Others," Journal for Jewish Studies (forthcoming).

  •  "Orality and Writing." In The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine, ed. Catherine Hezser (forthcoming).

  •  "Aggadah." In Encyclopedia Judaica (Jerusalem: Keter Publishing, forthcoming).

Book Reviews and Book Review Essays

  • Karen Armstrong's In the Beginning and Levi Meier's Ancient Secrets, Citara, St. Bonaventure University, Spring 1997.

  • Shaye Cohen, ed., The Synoptic Problem in Rabbinic Literature (Providence: Brown Judaic Studies, 2000) and Jeffrey Rubenstein, Talmudic Stories: Narrative Art, Composition and Culture (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1999). Journal of Biblical Literature Vol.120, Winter 2001.

  • Etienne Nodet, A Search for the Origins of Judaism, Journal of Law, Vol. XVII, 2002.

  • Alon Goshen-Gottstein, The Sinner and the Amnesiac: The Rabbinic Invention of Elisha Ben Abuya and Eleazar Ben Arach (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000). JAAR Vol 70, Winter 2003.

  • William Horbury, Jews and Christians: In Contact and Controversy (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1998). Forthcoming in Scottish Journal of Theology. March 2006

  • Gunter Stemberger, Jews and Christians in the Holy Land: Palestine in the Fourth Century (Edingburgh: T&T Clark, 2000). Scottish Journal of Theology. March 2006

  • Review of Robert A. Kugler, THE TESTAMENTS OF THE TWELVE PATRIARCHS. Guides to the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, 10. (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001). Religious Studies Review.

Late Antique rabbinic compilations; Medieval Jewish and Islamic scriptural interpretation.

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